The Wednesday after Keely was born was one of the most painful days of my life. And it had nothing to do with having given birth four days prior.

My chest felt tight, there was a stabbing pain in my back, and my stomach felt like it was cramping in the worst way. I was dizzy and standing was difficult. I could barely even hold a teeny (roughly 6 lbs) Keely. This lasted one horrible hour. I thought maybe an infection was ravaging my body and I was going to possibly die and leave this precious bundle all alone. It was awful. Then I threw up and I felt amazingly better.

This wasn’t the beginning or the end of the issue.

See the beginning was in the first half of my pregnancy. As you may have read, I had hyperemesis gravidarum and was sick my entire pregnancy. On one Sunday in November I felt the sickest I did the entire 38 weeks. I could barely get out of bed. When Derek went to bed I started feeling worse. Around midnight the right side of my back near my bra strap started feeling like it was seizing up. I threw up more than I had in a while.

As you might imagine we ended up at the hospital. They decided I was just dehydrated. Looking back I think it was the start of my gall bladder problems. The issues do seem to line up.

In February I started feeling a weird tingling feeling in my back on the right side that seemed to radiate to the front. When I talked to my OB she instantly suggested it could be gallstones. An ultrasound a weekish later confirmed her suspicions. The plan at that time was to wait until after the baby was born and see if that helped.

It didn’t obviously.

In June I finally had my surgery to remove my gallbladder. It felt like such a long time coming that I was quite excited to be rid of the thing that was causing me constant aches. A lot of people have recurring issues with digesting red meat after their surgery, luckily I don’t. My recovery has been incredibly easy.

If you’re concerned that perhaps your pregnancy issues aren’t just standard, please talk to your doctor.