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September 2016 – Adoption Stuff Worth Sharing

You all know I write for – I link most of the articles I write there on this blog as well.  For me, it’s a nice outlet to write for an audience directly involved in the adoption triad, and it keeps me fresh and educated on topics pertaining to adoption.  It also connects me with other adoptive moms, birth moms, and adoptees who share their stories  and experiences.  Vinny is only 17 months old, and I don’t pretend to know how his feelings about adoption will grow and change as he gets older, but being connected with all of these other people who share a love of adoption is a great resource for me.

Well, the people at have created another wonderful resource for any and all people involved in the adoption triad – the website – Adoption Stuff Worth Sharing.  It’s a Pinterest inspired site where blog articles, memes, videos, quizzes,  and more related to adoption are shared.  There’s even a place for you to share your own content (subject to edits and approval) but if you have an adoption story that you think can help someone else, please submit it because chances are, it could end up on that page.  (They just shared my blog about birth moms, and how this pregnancy makes me appreciate their sacrifice even more.)

Give the new website a look, bookmark it and check back often – especially if you are directly related to the adoption community.  Trust me, it’s worth it!

Plank in My Eye

So, I started writing a pretty negative post today about how I’ve been feeling judgment, and I was going to be quite yell-y and probably judgmental myself towards the people and groups of people who I perceived were judging me. Then I went to Mass, and, as it usually happens, I was struck over the head with a spiritual 2×4. The gospel today included this story: Continue reading “Plank in My Eye”

10 Tips for Traveling With a ‘Toddy’

First, let me define the last word in the title. A toddy is what Husband and I call Vincent and other kids his age-he’s not quite a full fledged toddler, but he’s also definitely not 100% a baby anymore either, but he has qualities of both toddlers and babies still. So ‘toddy’ won out over ‘boddler.’

When I first was formulating thoughts about what to put in this post, it was a particularly difficult day of vacation, and my initial thought was to write ‘Stay home and wait until he’s 4,’ but if you’re anything like me, you love traveling and hope to instill a love of it in your kids as well. Here’s my list of 10 tips for traveling with toddies: Continue reading “10 Tips for Traveling With a ‘Toddy’”

Questions to Ask an Expectant Mother During Your First Phone Call or Meeting

The first meeting between a hopeful adoptive parent and an expectant mother is kind of like a really weird blind date. You need to be prepared for anything, but you also have to be flexible and honest. (Well, maybe way more honest in this situation than on an actual blind date.)

Here are some examples of questions hopeful adoptive parents should have ready to ask, as well as some advice for how to tactfully ask them, during that first meeting. Please click on the link below for the article.


Please Don’t Say ‘Just’ When Talking About Adoption

The word ‘just’ carries a lot of weight. Here’s an article about just how much weight it carries when used in the context of adoption.


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