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July 2015

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Judge Not…

So, you know how Bridgette and I have this whole NJZ (No Judgment Zone) thing going on? Basically, we can tell each other our parenting successes and failures without the other one judging. Mostly, they’re just funny or clueless “new mom” type of stories. Well, I have a big, fat, huge NJZ of my own that I knew I needed to blog about! Continue reading “Judge Not…”

The Hardest 72

My son was born on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 10:59pm. He was perfect. 7lb 5oz, 20in, and a full head of dark hair. I didn’t see him until almost an hour after he was born. You see, my husband and I adopted our son.

The journey to adoption is a story for another post. This will focus on those 72 hours after birth. The 72 hours that can change the life of a birth and adoptive family forever.

I’m certainly no expert on adoption law, but I do know different states have different laws about the time a birth mother must wait before signing surrender papers. They also differ on how much time, if any, the birth mother has after signing her surrender to change her mind. But, in Ohio it’s 72 hours after the birth. She can choose to parent her child any time during those 72 hours, but she cannot sign the papers surrendering her parental rights until 72 hour after the baby is born.

So, since baby Vincent was born late at night (and since the adoption laws were not read to his birth parents until the following morning) Husband and I had to wait slightly longer than 72 hours before we were allowed to take him home. Continue reading “The Hardest 72”

DIY Done: Chalkboard Wall

I am incredibly impulsive and I love chalkboards. In fact one of the themes for my wedding was chalkboards. It was on our invites, our cupcake stand, centerpieces, and I’m sure more things that I’m just forgetting. Continue reading “DIY Done: Chalkboard Wall”

Keely Kangaroo’s Birth Story

I feel as if I have started this post a half dozen times over the last few weeks. I had every intention of writing it right after Keely was born, but if you’re a mom then you know that even plans with the best intentions don’t always happen. So now here I am on the first night of Keely officially in her room and I’m really writing her birth story. It feels like a weird turn of fate. Continue reading “Keely Kangaroo’s Birth Story”

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