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February 2017

Our Children

One of the greatest musical experiences of my life happened almost 6 years ago when I was cast as Mother in the musical Ragtime. For those unfamiliar with the plot of Ragtime, here’s the basic synopsis:

Set in New Rochelle, NY at the turn of the century, 3 seemingly very different groups of people (whites, blacks, and immigrants) all are living their respective lives until, through a series of events, the lives of members of each of these groups are intertwined. It’s such a beautiful show with a powerful message of equality, compassion, justice, and love.

The role of Mother was on my acting bucket list, and this production of Ragtime was very different from any other play I’ve ever done. I auditioned wanting to be in a play, but the entire process was so much more than that. It was almost a spiritual awakening. A slice of my life that only the people who shared it will truly understand what it meant to be a part of something so life changing. Continue reading “Our Children”

Whole30 Week 3: The Beginning of the End

We have now completed three weeks of Whole30. Twenty-one days gone and only nine remain. In my mind, we’re almost done. In Derek’s mind we’re not done until we hit Wednesday because we won’t be still doing Whole30 the following Wednesday. I can see his point, however, it really feels like it’s the beginning of the end. Continue reading “Whole30 Week 3: The Beginning of the End”

How DID you get pregnant???

I realize that I touched on, but never really went into detail on how I went from having a 1% chance of conceiving to giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Don’t worry, this isn’t a birds and the bees ‘how babies are made’ blog, this is a blog about acupuncture. Continue reading “How DID you get pregnant???”

Whole30 Week 2: It’s not as exciting as week one

The second week of Whole30 felt a lot less monumental in so many ways. The newness of the situation had worn off, but we have still stuck by the plan…as far we knew…I found out yesterday that Derek hadn’t checked the beef broth we’d been using the last two weeks for a stew. Of course there was sugar in it. Friends, that’s why it’s so important to read labels, on Whole30 or not. Lesson learned, but we are not starting over. If we were strict Whole30-ers, we would.

Continue reading “Whole30 Week 2: It’s not as exciting as week one”

When Breastfeeding Works

So, Super Sydney has been on this earth for almost one month now, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed her the entire time, until her last feeding when she had breast milk in a bottle and Husband fed her, and I pumped.  After she was born I never thought I’d be jealous to see someone else feeding my child.  I mean, with Vincent, Husband and I took turns feeding him…even the grandparents got in on the action.  I suppose when you’re exclusively formula fed it’s much easier to accept.

When I was pregnant and anyone asked if I was planning on breastfeeding, I always told them yes, as long as I can. So many of my friends and relatives have had issues breastfeeding (including Bridgette) and Vincent was exclusively formula fed and is thriving, so I knew I wasn’t going to beat myself up if I was unable to breastfeed. Continue reading “When Breastfeeding Works”

One Month!

Sydney is one month old. I can’t believe it’s been one whole month that she’s been here, but on the other hand, it seemed like yesterday I was just finding out I was pregnant.

Things seem to be moving faster with Sydney than they did with Vinny. Maybe it’s because I have a toddler to keep me on my toes, but I don’t like it. Time needs to slow down.

Vinny at one month and Sydney at one month. Where does the time go?
My wedding ring fits again!! Still a little tight, but I can take it on and off, so I suppose it’s a good enough time to be married again  


A Whole Week of Whole30…and the Super Bowl

Imagine it’s the biggest football game of the year, a day where millions of people are pigging out on burgers, nachos, pretzels, beer, chicken wings, and pizza…and you can’t have any of it.

That’s what it’s like being on Whole30 during the Super Bowl LI (am I allowed to say that…should I just be saying Big Game…probably…too bad). Continue reading “A Whole Week of Whole30…and the Super Bowl”

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