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September 2015

Handy Husband!

I missed Monday blogging, so here’s a quick one for you all. (Also, this is the first time blogging from my phone, so please forgive any typos…I’ll try to catch them!)

My husband is a wonderful man. But, as most men/husbands, some aspects of him are more wonderful than others. I’m here to tell you about one of my favorite aspects of Husband – his handiness.

I often say he can fix anything, and I swear it’s true. (The time frame at when he fixes them is one of his ‘not so wonderful’ qualities!) However, he is quite handy and creative when it comes to the house.  Continue reading “Handy Husband!”

The Road to Adoption – Part 1, Time

So, I just read this blog which described the roller coaster of emotions you can experience in the few minutes it takes you to read an email, and it brought back a flood of emotions for me about the adoption wait. Since the road to adoption and the adoption process are quite lengthy, I’ve decided to split up these thoughts into a few different blog entries. All of them will be titled “The Road to Adoption” with a subtitle of what specifically I’ll be talking about in that entry.

Many of you know Husband and I didn’t want to wait to have kids once we got married. We already had Z, and we wanted children we could raise together. When I got the infertility bomb dropped on me 3 months after we got married, naturally we were both devastated, however, I think I was more realistic than Husband about it.

Husband and I BV (before Vincent)  We've never really been BK (before kids) since he's had Z since I've known him.
Husband and I BV (before Vincent) We’ve never really been BK (before kids) since he’s had Z since I’ve known him.

My husband is a wonderful man, but he tends to live in a utopia world in his head. He has had some sheer dumb luck in his past which allows him to think that nothing bad will ever/can ever happen to him. He’s a problem solver. And infertility was a problem he was just going to solve. Continue reading “The Road to Adoption – Part 1, Time”

You’re not my “real” mom

I’m sure that every mom at some point has the fear that their child will one day “hate” them or tell them they wished they lived with someone else or tell them they wished they weren’t their mom. I think it’s a normal thing. I’m not sure I ever said those words aloud to my parents, but I know I thought them. I wished I could live with my aunts or my cousins many times. Deep down, I never really meant any of it, and I knew that living somewhere else wasn’t going to be better than the life I had growing up, still, kids can be mean and say hurtful things.

The phrase I’m most worried about hearing: “You’re not my real mom.”

Continue reading “You’re not my “real” mom”

Tat Me Up Scotty!

You probably saw Ryann’s post about “To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo,” it’s been a popular post. One of the things we were excited about when starting this blog was that we have such different perspectives. Our personalities and core values are very similar, but on just about everything else we have different perspectives. She’s a straight-laced music teacher and I’m a rebel-at-heart digital marketer. We have amazing conversations that are respectful and supportive.

So approach this blog as a sort of dialogue with Ryann’s post.

Continue reading “Tat Me Up Scotty!”

Bridgette’s Podroll

I’m not sure that Podroll is the same as Blogroll, but I’m using it. Here are some of my favorite podcasts:

  • Pregnancy Perfect Podcast: Started listening to this about a year ago and even though I’m no longer pregnant I still love to listen. Great stories by inspiring women.
  • Spawned with Kristen and Liz: As Ryann said, they’re just like us! I’ve been hooked since the beginning.
  • One Bad Mother: This one took me an episode or two to get into, but now I can’t go a week without it. I love its longer format and the “Ask a Mom” segment…really all the different segments.

More to come! Who are you listening to? Let me know and I’ll make sure to check them out.

Bridgette’s Blogroll

What blogs are you reading? Here are some of my favorites (in no order), if you’re interested in my podroll, you can find it here.

  • Miss Grace’s Disgrace: I’ve been following this blog on and off for a few years. Her post on “Why Bra Shopping Sucks” really caught my attention and I got sucked in.
  • The Diaper Bag Confessions: Love her posts about products, especially about baby carriers.
  • Dirty Diaper Confessions: Found her on Instagram and have been following on and off.
  • Tales of Me and the Husband: another Insta find. I love this one for so many reasons. They’re currently living in Italy, the “juicy” tale of her and husband’s courtship (it’s straight out of a novel I’d love to read), her gorgeous pictures, and her name is Bridget. It may not be spelled the same but I feel a sense of kinship. 
  • Ramshackle Glam: a dear friend game me Jordan Reid’s first book as a Christmas gift last year and it’s been great. I used it as a special treat when going to my OB visits. One time I didn’t have it and my OB asked me where my book was. Still makes me giggle and appreciate a) my OB noticing and b) the book. The blog feels like a continuation of the book. 

More to come! What are you reading? Let me know and I’ll make sure to check them out.

To tattoo or not to tattoo?

So, right now I’m totally using my blog as a very scientific poll to see whether or not you think I should get a tattoo. Growing up, I was very anti-tattoos. I’m pretty sure I even wrote a letter saying that if my mom ever got a tattoo it gave me the permission to go live with my aunt. Even in my 20s I still wasn’t crazy about tattoos. I couldn’t think of something that I would want permanently on my body. However, since my 30s, I’ve been warming up to the idea of tattoos. I like ones that have meaning and have a story. Something that shows the significance of a momentous occasion in your life.

Continue reading “To tattoo or not to tattoo?”

CMWorld Blog on my LinkedIn

Hey everyone!

Last week I spent gathering knowledge on content marketing world. It’s not even remotely baby related so I put it up on my LinkedIn. Check it out at 

Oh, Spit No!

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down and worked on a blog. It’s not for a lack of material to write. I’ve thought about writing about the year since we first saw Keely on a sonogram or about introducing food to Keely, but I just haven’t had the right kind of time. I’ve been crazy busy with work, but it’s a good busy. We also have been dealing with a sort of feeding issue again. Continue reading “Oh, Spit No!”

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