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October 2016

Being a Mom is Hard

I said it.  I said what (probably) every mom ever has thought at least once in her lifetime – being a mom is hard.  And, if I’m right, and every mom ever has thought this at least once, then WHY doesn’t anyone tell you about it?  Are we afraid we’ll scare away young women from wanting to be moms?  Are we afraid to admit our fears or shortcomings in case other people judge us?

Well, judge away world because I’m about to admit many shortcomings and fears of mine with the hope that it doesn’t scare someone off from being a mom but rather it makes them realize – I’m not alone in this weird, hard mom journey.  There’s at least one other person who feels the same way I do.

I need to admit I’m writing this blog on very little sleep (total of about 4 hours…18 month sleep regression is real in our house) so if it sounds like a woman who is sleep deprived (and not really allowed caffeine) it’s because I am. Continue reading “Being a Mom is Hard”

The Gall of it All

The Wednesday after Keely was born was one of the most painful days of my life. And it had nothing to do with having given birth four days prior.

Continue reading “The Gall of it All”

Is Domestic Infant Adoption Right For Me?

There are so many roads to take if you are hoping to adopt, domestic infant adoption is one of them. Check out my article to see if domestic infant adoption might be the right road for you to take when adopting a child.


Guess Who

Sometimes I have great ideas, but as other things start to weigh on me commitments have to give. This blog was one of them. I knew that Ryann, who is great at seeing things through, would carry the mantle as I took an impromptu and undefined hiatus. In that time five months have passed and Keely has grown in ways I never could have imagined.

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An Open Letter to Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Even though I have a beautiful family now, I still remember how it felt when I was a hopeful adoptive parent…from baby showers to bitterness, there’s a lot of emotions that can make you feel invisible. I know. I walked in those shoes, and my experiences will forever shape the kind of person and mother I am and continue to be.

To read the letter please click on the link:

I see you hopeful adoptive parents. You’re not invisible to me.

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