I am incredibly impulsive and I love chalkboards. In fact one of the themes for my wedding was chalkboards. It was on our invites, our cupcake stand, centerpieces, and I’m sure more things that I’m just forgetting.

Signs that were on the back of our chairs at our wedding.

You add those two things with Sherwin Williams’ 40% off paint sale and you have me anxiously wanting to paint one of the walls in our kitchen…within 24 hours of even thinking about turning that wall into a chalkboard wall.

I have wanted to join the millions of Pinterest users who have made awesome chalkboard walls for years, but we lived in an apartment so I couldn’t. I also love the idea of a family “command center.” So, I took both of these ideas and started what will eventually become a command center with a chalkboard wall. This all popped into my head as I was walking in the door from hanging out with Ryann. Derek was cooking…in the kitchen I despise…and I was just itching to do something with the space. We bought the home a little over a month ago and the kitchen was never a selling feature. The size is decent and there is a teensy half bath in it. Those are the good points. The layout isn’t atrocious…I guess it works. Much like a song that just won’t get out of your head, I’ve been thinking about this project all day.

So far, this project has taken less than three hours.

The wall taped up.
The wall taped up and in need of paint. And my shadow, of course.

This evening after dinner I walked over to Sherwin Williams, bought the paint and came home and got started. It was when I was masking off the other walls that I realized just how uneven those walls really are. I guess that’s part of the charm of a house built in 1932.


Next I just got to painting…and I thought the walls were uneven before that. It took me about a half hour to get the first coat up. Derek and I put Keely to bed, I stayed upstairs working on this blog and then got right to painting the second coat. This one only took about fifteen minutes. Add another three to do some edging with a paintbrush.

First coat of Krylon chalkboard paint
First Coat
Second coat of Krylon Chalkboard Paint
Second Coat

I think I’m going to add another coat just for good measure. I’m also going to a paint on some designs I want to be permanent, but all in good time. For now I’m just glad I was able to do this project so quickly.

What I used: