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Common Sleep Issues in Adopted Children…and How to Address Them

I apologize that we’ve been MIA lately…both Bridgette and myself have been busy and have had many other things demanding our time.  I’m sure, in time, we’ll both share what’s been going on in our respective lives, but for now, here’s my latest article.  It’s all about sleeeeeeep. (Something most parents wish they had more of, I’m sure!)  Click on the link below to read the article:


Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Don’t cry over spilt milk.  Unless of course it’s breastmilk, then go ahead and cry.  Cry a lot.

On Tuesday, I was a bit of a hot mess.  My kids were sick, I had to coordinate with my husband and my sister to figure out who could watch them, so I didn’t have to take any time off of work.  I was a bit of a disaster – getting to work late and forgetting a bunch of stuff.  One of the items I forgot was my icepack for my cooler where I keep my pumped milk. Not a huge deal, seeing as there’s a small refrigerator in the conference room where I can keep it.  I double checked with my principal to make sure it was fine to leave it in there for the day.  She laughed and joked that she hopes no one puts it in their coffee accidentally.  To which I responded, “Enjoy the antibodies if they do!”

Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh, I’m so clever – moving on. The day is fine…busy. I’m worried about the kids. (When my kids are sick it triggers my anxiety big time.) I want to get home as soon as I can, so my husband can go work at our other house, so I get my milk from the fridge, and go to put it in the icepack less cooler.  When I pick it up, it’s heavier than it should be.  I open in up, and my heart immediately drops into my stomach. Continue reading “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk”

How DID you get pregnant???

I realize that I touched on, but never really went into detail on how I went from having a 1% chance of conceiving to giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Don’t worry, this isn’t a birds and the bees ‘how babies are made’ blog, this is a blog about acupuncture. Continue reading “How DID you get pregnant???”

How to Include Your Child’s Birthparents in Your Holiday Celebrations

So, for us, it’s pretty easy – we text them, figure out a day that works best, and have them over our house to celebrate Christmas (last year it was before Christmas, this year it will be after the baby is born, so probably January) but not everyone has that luxury.  So, I wrote an article with a few suggestions for how to make the holidays special for all members of your family.  Check it out by clicking on the link below:


Instant Relaxation

It’s tough sometimes to find the time to truly relax as a parent. You have to get rid of more stress with less time. It’s also tough sometimes when as a mom, you’re relegated to a more quiet night when maybe an eventful night was more desired.

A few Fridays ago I was feeling the need to do something, but I didn’t feel the desire to craft or binge watch TV. As I grow my hair out this time, I want to take better care of it, so earlier that week I had been reviewing some uses for coconut oil.

Continue reading “Instant Relaxation”

Talking to Your Other Kids About Adoption

I recently wrote an article for our adoption agency’s (Caring for Kids) newsletter.  (I mentioned writing this article wayyy back in my March Musings blog post!)  The topic – how to talk to your other children about adoption.  I realize I never really dove into how we told Z we were planning to adopt.  It was, quite honestly, a much easier conversation than I had originally anticipated.  Kids are resilient and they understand more than we give them credit for.  The moral of the story?  Keep it honest and keep it simple.  Kids will understand.  Here is the article I wrote for the newsletter: Continue reading “Talking to Your Other Kids About Adoption”

It’s a Major Award!

Bridgette and I are super excited to announce that we were nominated for the Liebster award by one of my favorite step mom blogs – One Step/(Mom)ent at a Time.


The Liebster award is passed from blogger to blogger to get recognition for new or smaller blogs. (Blogs with <200 followers)  When you’re nominated for the award, you have some rules to follow:

  1.  Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award
  2. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer 11 questions the blog give you
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers you think are deserving of the award
  5. Let the bloggers know you nominated them
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer

So, since Bridgette and I both love giving fun facts about ourselves, we’ll use different colors to differentiate our answers.  Ryann will write in green and Bridgette will write in purple. Continue reading “It’s a Major Award!”

5 Tips for Writing Engaging Photo Captions in your Adoption Profile

Here’s another article I wrote about telling a story with your photo captions. Want to get your profile book noticed? Here’s 5 simple tips for writing engaging photo captions!

Operation: Sleep

Vincent used to be a great sleeper. He fell asleep between 7:30pm-8:00pm then he’d wake up once during the middle of the night to eat and get changed, and sleep until I either woke him up to go to the sitters (usually 6:30am) or he’d wake up on his own between 7:00am-8:00am. I could handle that and still function as a relatively competent human being during the day.

(Husband works nights, so it’s Mommy’s job to be up with the baby. On his nights off, Husband is great and takes all of the nighttime shifts, but most of the night hours fall on me.)

Recently, about the past month or so, Vinny has been waking up 3 or 4 times during the night to eat and get changed. And he SCREAMS. I mean screams that would make any mother within a 10 mile radius come rushing to his side to see what’s wrong.IMG_0887

What’s wrong you ask? Nothing. He might be hungry. He might have just woken himself up and can’t fall back asleep. (His favorite party trick is pulling himself up on the crib and just standing there screaming. He hasn’t quite figured out how to get back down yet without falling.) But really, nothing is wrong. I would change him, feed him, and he’d go back to sleep until he woke up 2-3 hours later, screaming bloody murder.

My mom and my aunt may have given me the secret to getting more sleep. Continue reading “Operation: Sleep”

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