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May 2016

8 Weeks 4 Days

I’m officially past the point where I miscarried in my last pregnancy.  This was a big mental block for me in this pregnancy.  I needed to make it past 8 weeks 3 days with relatively few complications, and I did it.

I had my doctor’s appointment today, and he said everything is looking good.  I heard a strong heartbeat which made me cry, and I measured at 9 weeks instead of 8 weeks 4 days which I don’t think really means anything right now – especially since one of my friends told me that my due date will constantly change based on how I’m measuring.  I suppose it’s not an exact science, although it’s pretty amazing that a tiny being growing inside of my body has it’s own distinct heartbeat.  And that I can hear it. Continue reading “8 Weeks 4 Days”

Why is Pregnancy so Scary?

I can’t be the only woman in the world who is terrified of being pregnant, right?  Please tell me there are more of you out there and that I’m not alone.

Last night I had a terrible time falling asleep.  I was nauseous, (I could only stomach 4 pieces of toast and some strawberries for dinner) but my lower back also really hurt.  Logically I can figure out that it’s probably because I was on my feet quite a bit Wednesday and Thursday between all of the end of the school year stuff going on, but it’s still unnerving when the three main symptoms of miscarriage are bleeding, cramping, and lower back pain. Continue reading “Why is Pregnancy so Scary?”

Choosing an Adoption Agency

I’ve written before about how much I love our adoption agency, Caring For Kids, and my feelings haven’t changed!  Here’s my latest article detailing 5 specific reasons why we choose CFK as our agency.

If you’re looking to adopt, I strongly recommend them.  If they’re too far away for you, try to find an agency with similar qualities!


I Feel Like We Will Never Be Parents

This is my latest article, and I’ll admit it was a hard one to write given my current state:  Mommy to the greatest one year old EVER and 7 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant.  But it’s important to remember the emotions infertility leaves you with because they never really go away.  And during the adoption wait feeling despair is raw, real, and sometimes all consuming.

Please read my article about feeling like we’ll never be parents during the wait:



Sacrificial Love

So, I had my second ultrasound.  Once again, everything went well.  We saw a baby with a heartbeat.  I’m carrying life.  There’s a little person growing inside of me.

I’ve noticed many similarities between this pregnancy and the previous one, but I’ve also noticed enough differences to continue to be optimistic.

I’ve been feeling more pregnant this time – way super tired and nauseous – something I didn’t really ever feel before.  Also, when I went in for my ultrasound, they gave me a due date of 1/6/17 which is what I figured it would be based on the date of my last menstrual cycle.  The last time they gave me a due date farther back than I expected which (as I look back on it) makes me think that the baby wasn’t growing as it should have been already. Continue reading “Sacrificial Love”

The Mommy Wars

There are so many blogs about how to feed your baby it’s overwhelming.  And the worst of it is people feel shamed because of their choices – whether or not it’s in their control.

As an adoptive mom, I didn’t have much of a say on whether or not I wanted to breastfeed, but poor Bridgette put herself, her body, and her baby through hell trying to breastfeed and pump because she wanted to.  Because we’re all told you “should” do this.  Because it’s natural and good for your baby and whatever.  I’m not going to debate that.  I know the benefits of breastfeeding, and I wish I could have done it.  Bridgette wishes she could have breastfed longer than she did.  But at some point it just becomes too much and you have to do what you have to do to save your sanity.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on a podcast with New Mommy Media, a group offering support for new moms specifically through pregnancy, twin moms, and breastfeeding. The podcast I was on was called The Boob Group – The Mommy Wars:  How Do You Feed Your Baby?  We all talked about breast and bottle feeding shaming and how people are judged negatively and positively for both ways of feeding your baby.

I’m not sure I completely belonged in a group/podcast talking about breastfeeding since I’ve never done it, but it was nice to offer some of my opinions as to how I feel about feeding my son.

The process of recording was interesting – I was way more nervous than I thought I would be.  It was strange talking to nothing essentially because I couldn’t see the ladies I was chatting with, but overall I think it turned into a positive experience.

Bridgette and I have talked about adding a podcast element to BBB, and recording this gave me a little bit of an insight into how it could work.  Stay tuned…

In the meantime, here’s a link to the podcast in iTunes if you’d like to listen to it –


I’m Pregnant

I wasn’t going to write this, at least not now, not this early, but it’s just not my style to stay quiet, especially with my body and my story.

I’m pregnant. Continue reading “I’m Pregnant”

Talking to Your Other Kids About Adoption

I recently wrote an article for our adoption agency’s (Caring for Kids) newsletter.  (I mentioned writing this article wayyy back in my March Musings blog post!)  The topic – how to talk to your other children about adoption.  I realize I never really dove into how we told Z we were planning to adopt.  It was, quite honestly, a much easier conversation than I had originally anticipated.  Kids are resilient and they understand more than we give them credit for.  The moral of the story?  Keep it honest and keep it simple.  Kids will understand.  Here is the article I wrote for the newsletter: Continue reading “Talking to Your Other Kids About Adoption”

I did a bad thing

(I’m writing this immediately following the event, but posting it in the morning.)

I just did a bad, decadent, and very selfish thing.

Continue reading “I did a bad thing”

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