You may be wondering what prompted Ryann and I to start this blog. Really I had wanted to start consistently blogging when I found out I was pregnant, but I just never followed through. I couldn’t figure out how what I would have to say that would be any different than what others had to offer. Looking back I do wish I had done more to document that time.

The idea came out of how much we both enjoyed having conversations about being brand-new moms. I also figured out that even if you’re not adding something new that when you say something it helps aid the discussion. And of course, I felt that Ryann had a lot of important things to say. I am so incredibly happy that we’re going through this experience together. I love that things are so similar, but so different.

The first time we got together with the babies we were both exhausted and needed another person who just understood. It was then that we established the “No Judgement Zone.” A place where we can just let things out. A place where there is no thing as a bad thought of inappropriate action.

I cannot tell you how incredibly happy that I am for Ryann that Vincent the Magnificent is part of their family. I felt so much guilt that I was going through something she so desperately wanted and that there wasn’t really anything that I could do. I like to fix things and it was something I couldn’t do anything but hope for them. I think it was within days of Keely being born that they heard they were matched. As selfish as it may sound, it felt like a relief when they were going to adopt their own amazing bundle. It felt like things can be fair once in a while.

Ryann’s portion will come soon.

So here’s to our growth as mothers. It’s been a hectic ride so far and it will only get better!

***Ryann’s Portion***

I take all of my social media inspiration from Bridgette. I figure, being in marketing, she knows more than me. So, when she suggested writing a blog I thought it was a great idea. I know dealing with infertility and going through the adoption process can seem so lonely. You think you’re the only one out there! Being a new mom can seem super lonely and overwhelming also. Trust us, we know.

Finding out Bridgette was pregnant was tough. (Finding out anyone was pregnant was tough.) But, I was honestly happy for her, just sad for me. When I found out we were adopting Vincent, I was thrilled. Quickly, my friendship with Bridgette grew to a whole different level. She’s definitely my “mom BFF,” and I can’t imagine raising Vincent without texting her every day about some new mom issue.  Or anything really.

I guess our goal is to help people like us. Or maybe not even help, just…empathize, laugh, cry with, and scratch our heads together – do whatever being a new mom means.

Enjoy the ride. I know I am.