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I did a bad thing

(I’m writing this immediately following the event, but posting it in the morning.)

I just did a bad, decadent, and very selfish thing.

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When to Stop the Swaddle

***This post was written over a series of weeks***

Vincent loves being swaddled when put to sleep. Once we transitioned him from a bassinet in our room to his crib in his room, he’s slept fairly well. I’m lucky to have such a great sleeper who rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. His typical sleeping schedule at night is sleeping from 9:00pm – 5:30/6:00am. Then I’ll change/feed/reswaddle him and he’ll sleep for another three hours in his crib. At under 4 months, I’ll take that any day!

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Out of the frying pan into the fire

Or how Keely ended up back in her bassinet.

I know there is no such thing as sleep regression in babies…one of my favorite podcasts, One Bad Mother, had an expert on that confirmed this, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel like it’s a regression. Keely’s regression isn’t about sleeping less through the night, but about where she sleeps. We’ve been lucky, she started sleeping pretty much through the night around six weeks. The problem comes in when it comes to where she sleeps.

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