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2020 is a heavy year. To think back to January when things started out quite optimistically with talk of 2020 vision and this truly being our year. Wow, things have changed.

I love New Years Eve. It’s one of my favorite holidays. There’s something cleansing about starting a new calendar year. I know it’s just another day and things don’t really change unless you let them, but still… it’s always been one of my favorite holidays. Something about counting down to midnight, the abundance of hope, and joy. And this year we rang in the new year with some very dear friends – the kids all played (and stayed up until midnight!) with their friends as well. What I wouldn’t give to go back to that time.

This week has been extra heavy for me, and it’s only Wednesday. Continue reading “Heavy”

Police Wife Life

Some of you may know that Husband is a police officer. He works hard. He upholds his oath. He’s a good cop. He truly serves and protects.

His job is hard. It’s harder than so many other jobs because he puts his life on the line every single time he goes to work. He wears a bulletproof vest because there is always the possibility he will be shot. There is always the possibility he will not come home. How many of you go to work with the little thought in the back of your head that you might not come home? There’s not a day goes by that I walk into my school thinking I’m not coming home at the end of the day. I imagine it’s the same for most jobs.

Now, this isn’t going to be a ‘woe is Husband’ post because he chose his profession, and he loves it. This probably also will not be a popular post because I have some strong opinions, and I’m sick of everyone else being allowed to share/post their thoughts, but the police families having to remain silent. Continue reading “Police Wife Life”

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