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Our Children

One of the greatest musical experiences of my life happened almost 6 years ago when I was cast as Mother in the musical Ragtime. For those unfamiliar with the plot of Ragtime, here’s the basic synopsis:

Set in New Rochelle, NY at the turn of the century, 3 seemingly very different groups of people (whites, blacks, and immigrants) all are living their respective lives until, through a series of events, the lives of members of each of these groups are intertwined. It’s such a beautiful show with a powerful message of equality, compassion, justice, and love.

The role of Mother was on my acting bucket list, and this production of Ragtime was very different from any other play I’ve ever done. I auditioned wanting to be in a play, but the entire process was so much more than that. It was almost a spiritual awakening. A slice of my life that only the people who shared it will truly understand what it meant to be a part of something so life changing. Continue reading “Our Children”

The Balancing Act of Life

Before I was married and had kids and large responsibilities, I could focus all of my efforts on myself. What did I want to do? If I wanted to travel, I’d book a flight for my next available weekend. If I wanted to be social, I’d call up some friends and go out. If I wanted to shop, I’d go to the mall. If I wanted to read, I’d do it. You get the idea. I’m sure you know the feeling – I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted because the only person I had to be responsible for was myself. Obviously when a husband and kids enter the picture life and responsibilities grow and change.

This is not news to anyone, myself included. I knew going into marriage and motherhood that my life was about to dramatically change, and I love it. Family time is the best part of my life. But here’s my question – how do you balance being a wife and being a mom with still being YOU? Continue reading “The Balancing Act of Life”

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