Attention all moms out there!!! Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen? Do you have smoke alarms in every floor of your house? Did you have every aspect of your marriage/relationship and physical/mental health checked out before you gave birth? Because you might not be a fit mother if you haven’t done these things.   Well, at least you wouldn’t be approved to adopt.

The homestudy process is interesting. Most people think (I thought like this before we started the adoption process) that someone comes in, inspects your house to make sure it’s completely child proofed, safe, and clean. That’s part of it, but the homestudy process really delves into your life (starting even before birth) to now and looks ahead to the future.

To begin the homestudy process, Husband and I had to answer several questions individually about our lives growing up, our personalities, our life together, etc. I know that everyone’s family has its issues, but my husband’s family has more than most. I remember Husband and I talking, and he said, “I hope my family doesn’t mess anything up for us.” ***I feel like I should clarify, most of Husband’s family is lovely, it’s just that the last time he saw his dad (who he rarely talks about, and I’ve never met) was when he was 16 and it was in court because he still owes back child support from then. (Husband is now 35) There’s really nothing positive I’ve ever heard about him.*** There are other issues, but this isn’t the time or place to air dirty laundry…

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