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From Us To You

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and joyous whatever holidays you celebrate this time of year.

Good health and lots of happiness in 2017!


Ryann, Bridgette, Vincent, Keely, and our families

How to Include Your Child’s Birthparents in Your Holiday Celebrations

So, for us, it’s pretty easy – we text them, figure out a day that works best, and have them over our house to celebrate Christmas (last year it was before Christmas, this year it will be after the baby is born, so probably January) but not everyone has that luxury. ┬áSo, I wrote an article with a few suggestions for how to make the holidays special for all members of your family. ┬áCheck it out by clicking on the link below:


State of Affairs

It has been so hard to blog in December – between prepping for Christmas concerts, doing Christmas shopping, Z’s basketball practices/games, drama club starting, regular work stresses, and Vincent going NON STOP all day makes for busy days and a tired mommy!

Here’s sort of a state of affairs in our household blog – Continue reading “State of Affairs”

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