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And She Loved A Little Baby…

To piggyback off of my most recent post, the fact that pregnancy is so flipping hard makes me even more convinced that birth moms are some extra type of special, amazing human beings. I’ve never hid my feelings that I think birth parents are the most selfless people, thinking for the betterment of their child rather than themselves, but being pregnant gives me a whole new perspective onto this choice. Continue reading “And She Loved A Little Baby…”

How Infertility Increased My Empathy for My Son’s Birthmom

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. Infertility has become a bad word, a taboo topic, something people are ashamed of or try to sweep under the rug. I’m suggesting a different approach – TALK ABOUT IT! Ask questions! Let’s stop making women feel inferior for their bodies not being able to create or carry children.

I wrote an article comparing the stories of Vincent’s birthmom and myself. It’s about empathy. And love. Mostly love.

Please click the link to read the full article.

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