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My Conscious Choice

I made a choice today. Well, I made a lot of choices today, some better than others, but I digress. I made a choice to stop drinking alcohol for at least as long as I continue to breastfeed Sydney. I realize a lot of women make this choice, and there’s really nothing profound about me doing it too, but I find writing about it (and writing in general) to be therapeutic, especially if I have an audience that I’m writing to. Continue reading “My Conscious Choice”

March Musings

Oh my goodness. ¬†It’s been awhile since I could sit down and write. ¬†Between work being absolutely crazy (blog post for later), my anxiety going through the roof (blog post for later), Vinny getting even MORE teeth and generally not being happy or sleeping because of it, daylight savings time, articles (coming soon!), being asked to write an article for our adoption agency’s newsletter (also coming soon!), and trying to squeeze what precious free time I have currently to spend it with my family March has been INSANE. Continue reading “March Musings”

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