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Guess Who

Sometimes I have great ideas, but as other things start to weigh on me commitments have to give. This blog was one of them. I knew that Ryann, who is great at seeing things through, would carry the mantle as I took an impromptu and undefined hiatus. In that time five months have passed and Keely has grown in ways I never could have imagined.

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The Balancing Act of Life

Before I was married and had kids and large responsibilities, I could focus all of my efforts on myself. What did I want to do? If I wanted to travel, I’d book a flight for my next available weekend. If I wanted to be social, I’d call up some friends and go out. If I wanted to shop, I’d go to the mall. If I wanted to read, I’d do it. You get the idea. I’m sure you know the feeling – I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted because the only person I had to be responsible for was myself. Obviously when a husband and kids enter the picture life and responsibilities grow and change.

This is not news to anyone, myself included. I knew going into marriage and motherhood that my life was about to dramatically change, and I love it. Family time is the best part of my life. But here’s my question – how do you balance being a wife and being a mom with still being YOU? Continue reading “The Balancing Act of Life”

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