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Why I’m Scared to Adopt Again

I’ve always wanted four kids. That’s not a secret. Husband and I had unofficially decided on three and a half…counting Z as the “half”. Not that he’s half of a child, but that he’s with us half of the time… When I found out about my infertility, the plan of 4 kids takes a drastically different turn. There’s no longer the question of “how many kids?” there’s only the question of, “will there ever be ANY kids?” Continue reading “Why I’m Scared to Adopt Again”

Why It’s Important to ‘Be You’ in your Adoption Profile

My first published article in talks about how important it is to present yourself and your family as real, imperfect human beings when you are creating your profile book for potential birthparents to view.

Please check out the article through this link:

The Road to Adoption – Part 2, Agency or Lawyer?

I’m impatient. I don’t take my time with many things. I’m a doer and not a talker. But, thankfully, Husband is the kind of person who does take time to learn about everything, the kind of person who reads reviews before buying a product, the kind of person who gets several quotes before deciding who to hire to do work around the house, the kind of person with the patience of a saint. In short, the kind of person who balances me out. (And consequently, annoys the crap out of me.) 🙂

The perfect yin and yang? :)
The perfect yin and yang? 🙂

How do you start when looking into adoption? Well, google is where we went first. I googled adoption agencies and requested information for some of them. Since I wanted to start right away, I was ready to use the first agency that had a pretty website and people who had written great reviews on the website. Until Husband stepped in and googled some reviews on this agency which were horrible! I mean, people were matched with children who didn’t exist. Families were not given the full medical information of their babies who came to them with diseases, many times fatal, and their infants died within days of placement. Families were forced to sign a contract saying they weren’t allowed to say anything bad about the agency should their adoption fall through or some thing go wrong. It was awful. And I was terrified. Continue reading “The Road to Adoption – Part 2, Agency or Lawyer?”

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