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The 10 Best Quotes for the Adoption Wait

My latest from – check it out if you’re a sucker for good quotes like I am!


Questions to Ask an Expectant Mother During Your First Phone Call or Meeting

The first meeting between a hopeful adoptive parent and an expectant mother is kind of like a really weird blind date. You need to be prepared for anything, but you also have to be flexible and honest. (Well, maybe way more honest in this situation than on an actual blind date.)

Here are some examples of questions hopeful adoptive parents should have ready to ask, as well as some advice for how to tactfully ask them, during that first meeting. Please click on the link below for the article.


Please Don’t Say ‘Just’ When Talking About Adoption

The word ‘just’ carries a lot of weight. Here’s an article about just how much weight it carries when used in the context of adoption.


I Just Finished Putting Together My Adoption Profile – Now What?

Here’s my latest article.  As always, please check out the link below!


I Feel Like We Will Never Be Parents

This is my latest article, and I’ll admit it was a hard one to write given my current state:  Mommy to the greatest one year old EVER and 7 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant.  But it’s important to remember the emotions infertility leaves you with because they never really go away.  And during the adoption wait feeling despair is raw, real, and sometimes all consuming.

Please read my article about feeling like we’ll never be parents during the wait:



I am in Control…sort of

Today is national ‘I am in control’ day. For someone who likes to be in control, I found it to be nearly impossible, especially during my adoption wait, to be in control. the truth is, I wasn’t really in control.

But I wrote about what you can do to feel like your life is not completely out of your hands. Check out the article below!

5 Things Every Hopeful Adoptive Mom Needs

This might not be the traditional list of things you’d be expecting, but they all helped me tremendously on the day of placement!  Hopeful adoptive parents, you’ll definitely want to check this article out!

How a Little Humility Can Help You on Your Adoption Journey

Happy Be Humble Day!  Didn’t know that’s a thing?  Neither did I until I signed up to write an article about it.  The way I look at it, humility can help with many aspects of your life, especially your journey to having a child.


5 Things You Might Not Get About My Adopted Child

Here’s my latest from I enjoyed writing this article because I feel it helps people get a better understanding of adoption, adoption positive language, and the fact that it’s such a beautiful expression of love.

Please check out the article here:

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