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Tomorrow the world will change. We will either have the first female president or a habitual businessman turned politician. Don’t worry, this isn’t a political post. I won’t be saying who I am voting for and why. In fact, I actually hate talking about politics when it has the potential to cause an argument (which is different than a debate). This blog is no place for that conversation. 

That being said, this election has brought up a lot of what it means to be a woman in today’s society and furthermore, a mother to a daughter. 

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The Gall of it All

The Wednesday after Keely was born was one of the most painful days of my life. And it had nothing to do with having given birth four days prior.

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Guess Who

Sometimes I have great ideas, but as other things start to weigh on me commitments have to give. This blog was one of them. I knew that Ryann, who is great at seeing things through, would carry the mantle as I took an impromptu and undefined hiatus. In that time five months have passed and Keely has grown in ways I never could have imagined.

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I did a bad thing

(I’m writing this immediately following the event, but posting it in the morning.)

I just did a bad, decadent, and very selfish thing.

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Today, 14 years ago was the worst day of my life. And for once I’m not exaggerating for effect. Fourteen years ago, after being coma for 15 days, my dad passed away. I was thirteen and expectedly devastated.

My life changed so drastically that moment. I would probably be a totally different person if it weren’t for this tragedy. The essence would be the same, but certain tweaks to my personality were necessary to survive.

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Keely is one.

Maybe it’s not as hard for you to imagine that my baby is a whole year old, but for me it’s nearly unfathomable. It doesn’t feel as if she’s been this shining light in our often-chaotic lives for a year, it seems more like four or so months. I can’t imagine what it is going to feel like as she gets older.

It’s been an amazing year. Not long after we brought her home we moved into the first house we purchased. I don’t think I can imagine what this house would be like without her toys, bottles, and clothes strewn about. We still have some work to do on it, but it absolutely feels like home.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


 WHAT?!?! There’s a post from the other member of this blog? Yes, I am in fact writing and posting a blog. I guess I can’t really start this post without explain what’s been going on.

Keely and I have been suffering from sinus and ear infections ALL WINTER LONG. We’d get better and BAM! it was back. My fingers are crossed that we are finally over the worst of it. I’ve been diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction and have to follow up with an ENT and audiologist.

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Give Thanks

 This time of year can be so completely wonderful and an amazing way to look back at the year that’s gone by. I remember getting home from Thanksgiving last year and being full, happy, and so full of hope for the year ahead. Part of me thought that optimism couldn’t be topped. We had just found out the baby growing inside me was a baby girl and I had recently started an amazing job. 

This year has been so much more than I expected. Through an amazing turn of fate we were able to buy an incredible house in a really cool area sooner than we thought was possible. It may not be the best part of town, but we were able to get just about everything we wanted on our list. 

Having Princess Chalupa (aka Keely Kangaroo’s name before we had settled on a name) has been the most inspiring adventure. I can’t describe the feeling of watching her grow and be an overall happy baby. She’s not only captivating, but just the perfect little best friend. I feel like a real mom now because we just got our first (of many, I’m sure) hand turkey. 

I’m obviously grateful for my husband. He’s my best friend and even when we disagree he makes me want to be a better person. He’s the best father in the world to Keely. He just adores her. 


Having a job is something to be thankful for, but having a job you love is even better. I am so passionate about what I, doing and the company I work for. It’s really a great organization, one full of great people, each one pushing the others to be the best.  It doesn’t hurt that I get to work from home. 

Finally, I’m thankful for my family. You may be wondering: what about my friends. I consider my friends my family by choice. But whether by choice or birth, my family constantly shapes me and loves me like no ones. I am obviously thankful for my #mombff, Ryann. She’s my light in some of the darkest moments and rejoices alongside me in the best. She entertains my crazy ideas and pushes me to think things through. 

Oh! And I’m thankful for all of you readers out there. No matter if I know you personally, tangentially, or you’re a complete stranger. This blog, even when I don’t post regularly, has helped me so much. It’s helped me feel as if I’m part of something bigger. 

 And I almost forgot about my puppy! I’m grateful for her, even when she’s being incredibly needy. She’s been my sidekick for 5 and a half years and I’m so happy she’s finally starting to accept Keely. 


October 2015 in Review

It’s been a crazy October and so much has gone on both in our real lives and on this blog. In case you didn’t realize, Ryann posts a lot more. I have a lot to say, I just half-formulate blogs in my head and have a hard time getting around to actually writing them. This month I’ve thought about writing about fall, Keely’s first Halloween, and “mom bod.” I can still write about two, but I worry that as soon as I write about my love for fall it will snow. And snow is pretty for all of an hour.

It’s definitely been a fun month. We took the babies and Z to Boo at the Zoo, which was a blast. Babes in costumes might be the cutest thing ever. I recommend Cleveland’s Boo at the Zoo, but if you want treats and to see a lot of animals you probably shouldn’t watch the shows as much…unless jugglers and magicians are more your thing…then go ahead.

So, here were some of our most important blogs of the month:

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