So, I promised a “state of the family” blog post, and here it is – so soon after my last one.  Could it be I’m actually going to be able to write more?

Anyway, as my kids get older, I struggle with telling their stories.  How much should I write?  What should I say?  What’s appropriate for me to share verses what’s theirs to share?  I think I’ll keep this blog for my feelings, and, while yes, many of my feelings revolve around being a mom, I’m not blogging anonymously, so I won’t share anything I wouldn’t share publicly anyway or without my kid’s knowledge and consent.

The short is, our family is good.  We’re all in a fairly good place right now.  We have hit some type of “status quo” with 3 kids, and we’re managing along day to day.  There are ups and downs, but nothing earth shattering.  And maybe that’s ok.

Vinny and Sydney love and fight as only siblings 20 months apart can do.  It seems that at least once a day they’re teaming together scheming against Husband and I, telling each other they are best friends, and also “never ever ever playing” with each other again.  So, typical, right?  I hope they remain this close.  I hope they realize that adoption and biology don’t mean much when it comes to their love for and relationship with each other.

Z is 12.  If you know anyone who is 12 or you remember being 12, you know that three word sentence says more than most soliloquies.  I have a lot more that I could say, but I’ll just leave it at that…

A short update, but good to be writing again.