So, it’s been awhile…

Life gets busier with 3 kids – who would’ve thought?  I wanted to give a brief update since BBB has dropped off the face of the earth.  I’m sure Bridgette will update when she’s able, but she’s had plenty of life changing events happen within the past several months to keep her plenty busy.  I’ll update by family member, starting with our youngest:

Miss Sydney turned 1!!!  Can you believe it?  She’s super mobile now, crawling and scooting and pulling herself up on everything.  She’s not walking yet, but I know as soon as it happens, there’ll be no stopping her.

Vincent the Magnificent is just as awesome as ever.  Watching him grow into his role as a big brother has been especially fun this year.  He’s learning so much every day, and he has such an amazing wit.  He makes me laugh constantly…even when sometimes I should be angry with him.

Z is 10.  10!!!  He’s adjusting to changes at both our house and his moms house (she had twins in June!)  He’s a great big brother but can get frustrated when his 2 year old brother wants to be his literal shadow.  We’re navigating these tween years and figuring out how to continue to meet his needs while also meeting the needs of two (very demanding) small children.

Husband – Did I mention we’re fixing up a house?  Pretty sure the topic of us living in my parent’s basement has come up.  Well, we’re still there, and our new house is still getting fixed up.  It’s taking a long time, but it will be really nice once we get into it.  It’s just that my husband really only has one day a week to work on it.  Slow and steady.  It’s just…very…very…slow.

Me – Since I updated that Sydney turned one, this also means I made my goal of 1 year breastfeeding!!  Yahoo!!  I started to wean myself from pumping at work, and now I’m only pumping once a day.  It’s amazing how much time I now have to actually get stuff done now that I’m not spending all of my planning/lunch time pumping.  I’m still nursing Syd when we’re together along with giving her whole milk in a sippy cup.  I’m not sure when we’ll be ready to be done nursing, but for now, we’re still going strong.

Life is busy, crazy, and totally blessed.  Here’s to writing more with my free time!