After the second episode, I’m liking this series even less. It plays out like a suspense novel, but it still isn’t revealing much of anything to go on. I guess maybe that’s the point…so we feel like we’re with Clay, listening to the tapes and wondering how he fits in. Or wondering why everyone seems so on edge. Or wondering why Hannah even made these tapes in the first place.

1. Once again, Hannah is blaming other people for her actions
It’s not fair, and it’s not right to tell people they were the reason you killed yourself. I know it can’t be easy. I know there were probably tons of factors that made her feel isolated, but blaming other people isn’t right. They didn’t force her to do this. Kids are mean. Friendships and relationships come and go. It’s awful when you’re going through it, and sometimes it might seem like there’s no end in sight, but you HAVE to pick yourself up and get the help. No one can help you except YOU.

2. I’m not sure if high schoolers know that they need to help themselves
When I was in high school I’m pretty sure I thought life was supposed to be wonderful all of the time. I think up until I was, maybe 26, I thought life was supposed to be wonderful all the time. News flash – it’s not. But that’s ok. That’s why I’m trying to teach Z (and even Vinny, and eventually Sydney too) that life is about the choices you make, including the choice to be happy. Happiness isn’t something that’s given, it’s something we choose. Help can be given, but we have to choose to accept it.

3. What’s the deal with Tony?
I’m assuming we’ll learn more as the time goes on, but, right now, I think he’s the only character I like.

4. Why won’t anyone talk to Clay???
High schoolers like to talk. A lot. If these tapes were actually going around, people would be talking about nothing else. I taught at a high school for four years, you don’t want something spread around 800 people in a day? Don’t tell it to a high school student. It seems way too mysterious to be realistic that no one is talking to Clay or answering his questions.

5. Hannah’s Mom
Ugh. Any scene with Hannah’s mom breaks my heart. I hope and pray no parent ever has to go through what she’s going through.

6. Talk to your kids!!
Even when it’s hard, even when you know they’re not telling you everything, even when it’s going to be uncomfortable – talk to your kids! Talk to them about little things because then they’ll know they can talk to you about big things. And, if your kids want to watch this series or read the book, watch/read it with them and discuss it. Talk about mental health. You’d take medicine or go to the doctor if you’re sick, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking medicine or going to the doctor if you feel anxious or depressed. I cannot stress enough that lines of communication need to remain open!