I’ve been putting off writing this blog for some reason. I think in many ways I felt that by writing the blog it was putting an end to the entire experience. That as if by writing this blog it was really, truly over. Then, when I had finished this post, I kept putting off posting it.

And part of me doesn’t want it to be over.

Yet, I ate nothing Whole30 yesterday. It was my first day off Whole30, but I’m getting ahead of myself. First I have to write about the last nine days.

Week 4+ Recap

  • Monday (22): Keely and I had the day off. We met up with friends at a restaurant (I love) and I stayed strong. As much as I wanted some flatbread, I resisted.
  • Tuesday (23) and Wednesday (24): I cannot say I remember much about these days other than I know I stuck with Whole30.
  • Thursday (25): I was with my work team all day. There was one tiny (planned) cheat…more below.
  • Friday (26): I was tired from a long day before, but sticking with Whole30 was important and accomplished.
  • Saturday (27) and Sunday (28): Like most weekends it flew by and was still the hardest days of Whole30.
  • Monday (29): We tried a recipe we had made the week before and unfortunately it was nowhere near as good.
  • Tuesday (30): It’s WHOLY done! I decided against breaking Whole30 at the end of the night.

When I started Whole30 I knew that sticking to it the entire time would be difficult. On Thursday I had a scheduled team training and a work networking event. It was 12 hours of not being at home with my prepared foods. Luckily I was able to work out a Whole30-approved lunch, followed the basic rules for evening snack, and had one simple gin and tonic. Yep, I purposely broke the rules once in all of the 30 days.

The last few days have been tough because I’ve had a cold. When I should have been feeling the great benefits of Whole30, I was feeling congested. Overall finishing up Whole30 wasn’t that hard. It ended with a poof instead of a bang.

I had intended to keep some Whole30 rules yesterday. That went out the window fairly quickly. Weather+cold+empty refrigerator=a bunch of bad decisions. I partially regret my choices, but not enough to beat my self up about it.

I was able to accomplish my two goals:

  1. Cut down (significantly) on the sugary, non-nutritional drinks.
  2. Feel more comfortable in the kitchen.

Additionally, I lost almost 20 lbs and have a much better sense of the complex and harmful ingredients that go into everyday foods. I don’t believe Whole30 is a long term solution for me. Since I had my gall bladder out last June, doing a high-protein diet just didn’t seem right by the end. I need to work to find a better balance. If you have any recommendations, feel free to send them my way!

This morning, after a day of bad eating, I do feel a little bloated and uncomfortable, however, I think I got the best sleep I’ve had in months last night. It was a deep and rejuvenating sleep that I needed desperately.

For dinner we went to my favorite local restaurant RibSticks. It’s an amazing barbecue place that combines the traditional flavors I love with some unique styles of cooking. If you’re in the University Heights area, I highly recommend it. The food is great and the people are amazingly considerate. In fact, when we went the owner gave us a banana pudding (featured image) and created a balloon dog for Keely.

So with that my adventures with Whole30 are officially done.

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