We have now completed three weeks of Whole30. Twenty-one days gone and only nine remain. In my mind, we’re almost done. In Derek’s mind we’re not done until we hit Wednesday because we won’t be still doing Whole30 the following Wednesday. I can see his point, however, it really feels like it’s the beginning of the end.

This week was a lot easier than the previous week. While it’s still a lot of cooking and a lot of a mental game, it simply wasn’t as hard as the first two weeks. Where the first two weeks crawled by, this week went by so quickly.

Week 3 Recap

  • Monday (15): Like most Mondays, this day passed like a blur and I honestly can’t say anything remarkable about this particular Monday.
  • Tuesday (16): It was Valentine’s Day and we ate absolutely no chocolate or candy hearts. It was a bit devastating, but rewarding that we stuck to Whole30.
  • Wednesday (17): I started drinking water with lemon, cucumbers, and mint. It really helped with the lack of drink options. I think that’s one of the harder things about Whole30.
  • Thursday (18): Derek made these amazing sweet potato/egg combos (see below). They have been one of my favorite meals so far.
  • Friday (19): We opted for Chipotle because we’re both so tired of all the cooking. Plus, the weekend…with nice weather. We’d both rather spend the time outside than cooking.
  • Saturday (20): Derek had to work in the morning, but we were able to spend a significant amount of the day outside. It really helped the time passed.
  • Sunday (21): My mom and grandpa came to visit from Buffalo. Luckily they ate before they got to our house. Their visit was short so we didn’t have a meal while they were there which probably was for the best.

It was incredibly nice out beginning on Friday. Keely is obsessed with being outside and it’s so much easier to be outside with her when it’s gorgeous out. We went to some parks to walk on their trails and played in our yard a bunch. I was even able to get at least 10,000 steps…that supposed magic steps number…in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

While I’m still ready to go to bed most nights at 8 pm, I do feel I have a bit more energy when I am awake. After my mom’s visit we finished taking down Christmas…yes…Christmas decorations. Each year we put up a multi-piece, multi-location Department 56 Snow Village and North Pole Village. It’s a lot of work to get up, but I’ve been doing it my entire life and I love it! I get to be a little city planner. Because it takes so much work to get up, we’ve decided it stays up through January. Then, I wanted my mom to see the village since many of the pieces we collected together. But as soon as she was gone, I NEEDED it put away in the worst way. I was able to finally clear our house of some of the extra decorations that had been lingering. It felt quite nice to finally be done with the additional items around the house.


This week is going to have some tough days. Monday I’ve taken the day off to spend with Keely who is out of daycare for President’s Day and Thursday I have work events all day. Of course, those include a lot of food that I can’t have. Thursday has always been planned as my cheat day I mentioned in the beginning. As it approaches I am feeling less interested in cheating, but the reality of the day has me worried. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Here’s to a good week…the last full week of Whole30!

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