The second week of Whole30 felt a lot less monumental in so many ways. The newness of the situation had worn off, but we have still stuck by the plan…as far we knew…I found out yesterday that Derek hadn’t checked the beef broth we’d been using the last two weeks for a stew. Of course there was sugar in it. Friends, that’s why it’s so important to read labels, on Whole30 or not. Lesson learned, but we are not starting over. If we were strict Whole30-ers, we would.

I have a lot less on my mind about Whole30 this week. Maybe it’s because I’m writing on Monday instead of Sunday or maybe because I’m hungry. It’s more just become a fact of our life that we have a restrictive diet.

The one thing that has been tough this week is seeing the stores jam packed with Valentine’s Day candy and sweets. It feels almost as if we’re ignoring the holiday, which is a bit true. Sure, you can have Valentine’s Day without candy, but do you really want to? I more crave the idea of the candy, but when I think of eating the candy, I don’t really want it. I guess I’m getting somewhere with my sugar cravings.

Between Keely and I we ate all the dried fruit that was supposed to be for about three weeks…in a week. Oops! Things happen. This week I’m going to work on less fruit and more protein snacks. I’m thinking of ordering some Whole30-approved jerky. If you have a favorite, please share!

Whole30 Week Two Recap:

  • Monday (8): I kept up with Whole30 at AMA’s Ad Review. Most of the food was approved anyway and the cookies didn’t look that The evening everything felt off. I think both of us were hungry and stressed.
  • Tuesday (9): I made bone broth! Now we have a bunch of broth we can use anytime and not have to worry about forbidden ingredients.
  • Wednesday (10): We tried squash noodles for the first time…it was interesting…we may eat them again, but not our favorite. I sincerely considered cheating, but I didn’t.
  • Thursday (11): Went to Costco to pick up things, it was hard to not get some of my favorite treats.
  • Friday (12): Did you know you can use sweet potatoes as buns? You can’t quite fit the “burger” in your mouth, but it is pretty good.
  • Saturday (13): It was an easy day to be Whole30. We ended up improvising dinner and it was surprisingly good. I took Keely to The Little Gym for the first time and it was a blast! Kept my mind off food and kept us active.
  • Sunday (14): All I wanted was a Starbucks latte…then we went to the Home+Garden show and we both had a hard time staying away from all the food options, but we did it.

Mentally, aside from Monday, things were a lot better. Cravings subsided somewhat and energy started improving. I actually woke up on Sunday (and today, Monday) feeling incredibly awake and energized. I also remembered the dog was outside a lot more. Things are improving!

We’ve talked a lot about what life will be like after Whole30. We both agree that the changes that are happening are good. That we’re incorporating better habits – like eating three meals a day and eating less junk/snack food– that are beneficial. We’ve also talked a lot what the first thing we will have when Whole30 is over. I go back and forth between cheese, Dr Pepper, chocolate, and Starbucks. With Whole30 it’s about reintroduction slowly so we can assess how each type of food impacts our bodies. I’m thinking it will be cheese. Long term I think we’ll stick with some of the rules, but I think we’ll figure out how to work other foods back in that are healthy (as long as they don’t make use sick).

This week I want to increase my water intake because I know that’s one of the best ways I can continue to get the residual bad food out of my system. The weather is also supposed to be nice at the end of this week, so I’m hoping to spend some significant time outside.

Have a great week!

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