If anyone ever tells you that it’s a good idea to have a 9 year old, a toddler, and a newborn while trying to sell your house, fix up a new house, and take over your parents basement, they’re lying to you. It’s not a good idea. Not at all.

So, let me back up. When I found out I was pregnant…or rather when I was fairly confident this pregnancy would result in a beautiful baby and not a miscarriage, Husband and I talked about what we were going to do about our 3 bedroom house. You see, we had plans to eventually move – most everything we do is at least 30 minutes away from our current house, so it’s kind of been a pain to put all of those miles on our cars, not to mention planning our day around hour commutes with a toddler who becomes a train wreck if he doesn’t have a nap… you get the picture. However, we weren’t really thinking about seriously looking for a house until Vinny was in kindergarten. Well, fast forward to me being pregnant, Husband not wanting kids to share rooms, and our house not offering much in the way of adding a fourth bedroom, and we get to the decision to move sooner than we anticipated. We started looking on zillow and other housing websites…we’d go to a few open houses, requested a few showings, but we were still casually looking. I told Husband we had until June at the latest to move. I figured the baby could stay in our room about that long if need be, but she’ll be ready to transition to a crib and her own room at that point.

We ended up finding a house we both really liked in a good neighborhood with great schools.  It’s close enough to our jobs but far enough away that we won’t be running into students/bad guys at the grocery store, AND (the best part for me) I won’t have to deal with the awful traffic that hits whenever I come home from work. The house needs lots of TLC, a deep clean, and a few updates (completely new kitchen, at least one bathroom totally redone, and the electrical panel replaced) before we move in. Ok, not a big deal right? Because Husband is handy and should have time to get these done in a relatively short period of time.

You would think that’s the case, however, we made an offer on the house back in late Sept/early October. The offer was accepted the next day, but the seller needed some time to ‘get his affairs in order’ or whatever. That’s fine-we hadn’t really even thought about listing our house yet, so it’ll give us some time to do that. Our closing date? November 25. Perfect. We’ll have the entire month of December to work on the house before the baby comes, and we should be moved in by January, possibly even before the baby is born.

‘But wait…’ you’re saying. ‘You already had the baby…and you mentioned something about taking over your parents’ basement at the beginning of this post…’  Oh yes, our FIRST closing date was November 25. Our actual closing date? Let’s hope it’s soon. See, the seller owed some back taxes, and the IRS had tax leans out on the house. I’m not sure who was dragging their feet, the seller or the IRS, but my guess is there was some combination of blame to go around.

So, here’s the current state of affairs:

1. Our house is officially on the market, ready whenever to be sold. We’ve had one successful open house and a few showings but no offers yet. It’s only been a week, so I’m not worried…although it would be nice to sell it quickly.

2. We have taken over a bedroom and the basement of my parents’ house. I have the greatest family ever, and they are letting us stay here until our new house is officially ours and move in ready.

3. Postpartum recovery with a 9 year old and a toddler in addition to a newborn is tough enough.  Add in the extra stress of moving… I’ve only been staying sane with the help of my amazing family and friends. They say it take a village, well, my village is full of some incredible people.

4. We should close on the new house within a week then Husband can start working on it. The good thing? He’ll be getting stuff done. The bad thing? He’ll be away from us for most of the day.  But, like I mentioned before, I’ll have my parents and the rest of my village to help out.

I don’t know for sure, but I’d imagine that moving and having a baby are up there on the list of stressors…not that they’re bad things, just that they both are big changes of life.  And it’s not just my life changing but Vinny and Z’s life as well.  Helping your kids cope with stress while you are also stressed is hard.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the status of the new house, and I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate through this stressful period in our lives.