It’s tough sometimes to find the time to truly relax as a parent. You have to get rid of more stress with less time. It’s also tough sometimes when as a mom, you’re relegated to a more quiet night when maybe an eventful night was more desired.

A few Fridays ago I was feeling the need to do something, but I didn’t feel the desire to craft or binge watch TV. As I grow my hair out this time, I want to take better care of it, so earlier that week I had been reviewing some uses for coconut oil.

I didn’t use any one recipe for a coconut oil hair mask. I simply heated up 2-parts coconut oil, 1-part honey, and a couple drops of peppermint oil.

What goes better with a hair treatment than a bath? Not a whole lot. Maybe cupcakes. While running my bath I applied the hair mask, with a little bit ending up in the bath. Awesome! Coconut oil bath! I added some lavender oil to the water and the instant I got in it felt perfect. Warning: the oil will make your bath much more slippery.

I read a book I’ve read a hundred times and just soaked it all in. Before getting out I used a coconut oil-bases sugar scrub. My skin felt soft and it was wonderful. It was truly the most relaxed I have felt in probably 18 months.

I understand you may not have time or a reason to apply a hair mask, but I highly recommend having some lavender oil on hand. Simply place a few drops in a bath…or even easier, on your pillow…and let the relaxation sink in.