Bridgette wrote a great post last night that talked about voting. If you haven’t read it yet, please check it out here – it’s titled Tomorrow. Here’s my companion piece to her blog.

Like Bridgette, I don’t like writing about politics, and this blog isn’t going to tell you who I voted for or why or who you should vote for or why you should or shouldn’t vote… One of the greatest things about this country is that we can vote. And we can vote for whoever we want. And we don’t have to disclose to anyone who we voted for. Many countries don’t have that privilege, and I don’t take that for granted.  America is an amazing country.  I love living here, and I love all of the privileges offered to us as citizens of this great country.  Of course, America is not without it’s flaws, and this election seems to have brought out the very negative sides of many people.

As a mother, I can no longer vote based solely on my own needs or wants.  (Not that I ever really did that, but having kids gives you a whole different perspective of life as we know it.)  I have to think of what’s best for my kids AND for the country moving forward.  So, my hope for Z, Vincent, and baby Cotton Blossom is simple.  I pray they grow up in a country that unites its citizens instead of divides them.  A country that remembers its humble beginnings but always looks toward how it can improve in the future.  A country that doesn’t become desensitized to essential human rights and values in its quest to continue to become greater.  A country that’s not afraid to boast a bit about its accomplishments but still knows there’s a long way to go to get where we need to be.  A country that continues to reflect on its past to help shape, grow, and improve its future.

Regardless of whether your candidate “wins” or not this evening, remember – we all have to wake up tomorrow and live with each other.  WE are the ones who truly shape this country.  Yes, the government is there and important, but the citizens are the true makeup of our country.  We are the ones who must be kind to everyone we meet.  We are the ones who must treat every human being with dignity and respect – NO MATTER WHAT.  We’re the true makeup of America.  Let’s act like it.  No matter what happens this evening.  It’s up to US to make this country better for our kids and our future.