Sometimes I have great ideas, but as other things start to weigh on me commitments have to give. This blog was one of them. I knew that Ryann, who is great at seeing things through, would carry the mantle as I took an impromptu and undefined hiatus. In that time five months have passed and Keely has grown in ways I never could have imagined.

Keely is now eighteen months old. For some reason I’m having a harder time with this age than when she turned one. I think it’s because she’s so different today than she was two months ago. But more about that in a different blog, this blog is about why I disengaged for a while.

I had a lot on my plate. Everyone does, but this was the thing I felt I could let go. I was having a hard time balancing work, Keely, responsibilities, and projects. In order to feel like I was getting what I needed out of life I had to drop something. I’m hoping things are a bit more under control and I can pick it back up.

Since I work from home, Keely from June 2015-July 2016 was in daycare only 20 hours a week, but I still worked 40 hours each week. Usually a bit more. The great thing about working from home is that I got to spend more time with my precious daughter. However, as she got older getting work done while she was around was harder. In order to make my work deadlines, I had to spend more time working at night. Night had been the time when I previously was able to write my blogs. It’s also the time I use to craft, something I love so dearly. When it came to choosing how to spend my time, I went with crafting (or in many cases, cleaning).

Keely is now in daycare full-time. It’s tough not seeing her as much during the day, but the time we have together is so much better. I’m not as stressed and I can really focus on her and her needs when we’re together. And if I really need to spend time with her, her new daycare is right around the corner and willing to let parents spend time with their kids at the center.

There are probably so many things I would have tapped into a blog had I been dedicated, but I wasn’t. The biggest thing that has happened was I had my gall bladder out. Having surgery with a 14-month old is not something I would recommend, but I feel so much better now. I had originally conceptualized this blog to talk more about the issues I had that led to me having a piece of me removed, that’s not going to happen. It deserves more. I think I can do a better job addressing the issues if I give it it’s own post.

So for now I’m back and looking forward to writing things out and continuing to share this journey with you.