I’m a teacher which means summers off (yay!) and last summer I had so much time to write.  I had articles in reserve to publish later.  This summer, I feel like I’ve barely had time to write my required articles for adoption.com, consequently putting the blog on the back burner.  I don’t want that to happen!  I need to start a habit of setting aside time to write every day, even if it’s nothing anyone will ever see, just so I’m keeping myself sharp.  I suppose it was much easier to write with a 3 month old who would lay on my chest as I wrote or nap in the pack and play, as opposed to a very busy 15 month old who does not stop for anything and has now decided that turning around and going down the stairs on his knees is beneath him somehow.  He wants to go down the stairs the big boy way…except that he’s still a baby and does not have the coordination to go down the stairs one foot at a time even while holding onto Mommy or Daddy’s hands.  Husband and I have a bet going about whether Vincent will end up with a broken bone before he goes to kindergarten.  My vote is he will, husband thinks he won’t.  With his lack of fear and general disregard for safety (probably a typical toddler boy thing), I think I may win the bet.  We’ll see…

Anyway, I’ve had lots I want to write about, but I haven’t had a minute to sit at my computer and come up with something.  I did a ‘state of affairs‘ blog in December, so I’m thinking this may end up being something similar with the opportunity to flesh out certain topics (traveling with a baby, nap transitions, bottle/sleep associations) in later blogs.

So, here’s an update on the family:

Husband is busy busy busy with work.  He’s a police officer and is getting ready for the Republican National Convention coming up in the next week.  He tells me the officers are prepared despite the lack of support/equipment from the city.  He will start 12 hour shifts with all days off cancelled on Friday until they tell him otherwise.  Anyone want to come and hang out for the next few weeks in July?  Vinny and I could use the company and distractions from the worry of Husband’s job.

Z just finished his summer baseball season.  He learned a lot and improved a ton as a player.  I’m quite proud of everything he accomplished playing for both the rec team and on a travel/tournament team.  He’s now on vacation with his Grandma and his cousin, and they seem to be having a ball.  Of course, he could be watching paint dry with his GMA and still think it was the greatest day of his life.  He’s not going to be thrilled coming home because he’ll have to start summer reading homework.  Such is the life of an almost 9 year old…

Vincent is the most adorable pain in the butt ever.  He’s not quite 15 months and ornery as all get out.  He’s got this shit eating grin that he thinks will get him out of trouble…wait until he tries to use that when he’s older!  He’s 100% boy, running everywhere instead of walking, trying to climb through the baby gates, throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, and stopping immediately when he realizes no one is paying attention to this tantrum…  He’s also learning so much.  I’m amazed at how many words he knows and uses already (hi, bye, yes, no, Mommy, Daddy, Agnes, night night, PU, please, thank you, bee, read,  all done…) and he’s got quite a repertoire of animal sounds as well (cow, lion, snake, monkey, rooster…).  He’s really learning how to communicate more effectively, and it’s truly fascinating watching him discover the world around him.  He continues to be one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Baby Cotton Blossom is now the size of a lemon or a troll doll depending on which app you ask.  Baby is moving a lot (although I don’t feel it-the doctors tell me it’s happening) and growing right on schedule.  They moved baby’s due date from January 6 to January 2…New Year’s baby anyone?

And I’m 14 weeks 4 days pregnant, second trimester, but I’m still feeling nauseous and exhausted.  I’m hoping that goes away soon.  I’m trying to enjoy summer the best I can, trying not to think about next school year, but knowing I need to start planning and prepping soon.

There you have it – a summer state of affairs.  What’s been the best thing you’ve done this summer?