WHAT?!?! There’s a post from the other member of this blog? Yes, I am in fact writing and posting a blog. I guess I can’t really start this post without explain what’s been going on.

Keely and I have been suffering from sinus and ear infections ALL WINTER LONG. We’d get better and BAM! it was back. My fingers are crossed that we are finally over the worst of it. I’ve been diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction and have to follow up with an ENT and audiologist.

I’d made a commitment to writing as a New Year’s resolution, however, New Year’s was right when Ryann was pouring her heart and soul out about her major tragedy. I felt that my ideas for posts about how I love my snowblower (really about home ownership) and having the sniffles would feel trite. I wanted to give her a chance to write out her feelings.

Anyway, as we’re approaching Keely’s first birthday I want to make a commitment to this blog. Right now I’m pretty busy making things for the party, but hopefully I can squeeze in another post before my baby is a one-year-old.


I absolutely love St. Patrick’s Day. It’s part of my heritage. I have family that came over from Ireland because of the potato famine. That being said, I’m only ¼ Irish. This makes Keely, with her incredibly Irish first name, only 1/8 Irish, and so not really all that Irish.

I’m weird about holidays. Major holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s, or card holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, aren’t for me. To me, birthdays are holidays. There’s something magical about a holiday that’s dedicated solely to an individual. After birthdays my favorite holidays are Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day.

When I was eight we lived in Savannah, GA, right in the middle of historic downtown. Savannah has one of the biggest celebrations in the country. All the fountains are died green, there are celebrations all week, and people are generally raucous. We even had school off that day. It was so much fun and a bit scary.

One of my favorite memories of the holiday was my senior year of college. I started the morning by covering kegs and eggs at the one bar in town for Hiram’s newspaper (or maybe that was the year before…). I’d been given an extension on my senior seminar paper and of course I had procrastinated on finishing it until that night. As I was frantically reading my paper looking for typos and getting the graphs to line up properly, two of my best friends were already celebrating. I was sitting on our living room couch as they were drinking green beer and dancing around me to Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache (Jump On It).” Finishing that paper was the best feeling and having fun with them was a great way to wrap up college. It’s a memory I hope to have with me for a long time.


Our gang of friends three days before St. Patrick’s Day 2015.

Compare that with last year: I spent last year feeling like a whale and visiting the pediatricians’ office. It was a calm and uncomfortable St. Patrick’s Day. I think I actually remember a lost less from last year than I do from six years ago.

This year will be similar to last. The in-laws are coming over and we’ll have crock-pot corned beef. I’m excited to dress Keely in a green dress for her first St. Patrick’s Day. As is the case with many of her firsts, she’ll never remember them. It’s just important to be me to establish these traditions. Hopefully she will love this holiday as much as I do.