It has been so hard to blog in December – between prepping for Christmas concerts, doing Christmas shopping, Z’s basketball practices/games, drama club starting, regular work stresses, and Vincent going NON STOP all day makes for busy days and a tired mommy!

Here’s sort of a state of affairs in our household blog –

Husband:  Some of you know he has been flipping a house with his partner from work.  It’s their first flip, and the finished product looks BEAUTIFUL, but they’ve been working on this house for about a year and a half now, and it’s time to get the thing sold.  Good news – they accepted an offer.  Bad news – the basement needs work.  Work to the tune of $5,000.  Where in the world are we supposed to come up with $5,000 during the holidays?  We’ll figure it out somehow…all I know is this flipping houses craze will be on a long hiatus after this house sells.

Z:  He’s still your typical average 8 year old, but I think he’s doing too much.  I know he’s looking forward to resting on Christmas break (aren’t we all?)  He’s playing basketball, and his first game went very well – they won, but more importantly, all of the boys played well and played well together.  Z’s word of the year is “focus”, so hopefully working with him on that will help combat some of his ADD tendencies.  He’s an amazing big brother still and a wonderful step son.

Vincent:  He’s almost 8 months old, and this child does not stop!  Ever!  For anything!  He’s crawling all over the place, and almost as soon as he started crawling, he started pulling himself up to standing.  He can’t stand alone yet, but that doesn’t stop him from finding anything and everything to pull himself up on.  He’s got 4 teeth and is such a happy baby.  He’s my reason for getting up every morning (and sometimes several times during the night).  Words cannot express how much I love him and how much joy he brings to everyone he meets.

Ryann:  Well, I’m busy.  One more week (and one day) of school left until Christmas break.  That fact is the only thing getting me through.  I feel overwhelmed with life.  Not sure why, but probably because juggling all of our schedules in December makes my head feel like it’s going to explode.  I don’t know.  I’ve not been feeling like myself recently.  I’m ready for some rest and time to get back to myself.

So, there’s a state of affairs for our family in December.  How do you manage all of the stressfulness of the month while still managing time for Christmas magic and fun?