November is National Adoption Month.  Last year, Husband and I publicly announced our plans to adopt during this month.  Who knew we’d be parents to a beautiful 6 month old baby boy only a short year later?

Adoption has truly changed our lives for the better.  We now have another son (one who permanently lives with us).  My parents are first time grandparents to a baby.  My brother now has a baby nephew.  My grandparents are first time great grandparents to a baby.  My aunts and uncles all get to add “great” to their names too.  My cousins’ kids now have a new friend to grow up and play with.  My friends became “aunties” and “uncles”.  Husband, Z, and I gained two new family members in Vincent’s birthparents.  Even our friends of friends seem to be positively affected by our adoption story.

I’ve been able to meet other people in similar situations as us and listen to their stories.  I’ve had many people reach out to me sharing their stories of infertility and adoption.  I’ve become much more aware of all the different types of families living in our world.

We’ve increased our family.  We’ve increased our love.  We’ve only increased in this adoption process.  Adoption has increased our lives.

This blog post is less about my words and more about yours.  I’d like to hear from people on all sides of the adoption triangle – adoptive parents, birth parents, children who were adopted, foster parents, waiting parents, etc.  (I’m sure I’m missing some, so please share your stories!)  I’d also like to hear from people who adoption has touched perhaps not so directly – like extended family members who have added a child into their family through adoption, friends of friends, maybe just people who are reading this or other blogs about adoption.  Maybe you’re not even sure how adoption has affected you yet, but you have a story to tell!  I’m looking for YOU to comment and share your stories.

How has adoption increased your life?  How do you hope adoption will increase your life?  What does National Adoption Month mean to you?