It’s been a crazy October and so much has gone on both in our real lives and on this blog. In case you didn’t realize, Ryann posts a lot more. I have a lot to say, I just half-formulate blogs in my head and have a hard time getting around to actually writing them. This month I’ve thought about writing about fall, Keely’s first Halloween, and “mom bod.” I can still write about two, but I worry that as soon as I write about my love for fall it will snow. And snow is pretty for all of an hour.

It’s definitely been a fun month. We took the babies and Z to Boo at the Zoo, which was a blast. Babes in costumes might be the cutest thing ever. I recommend Cleveland’s Boo at the Zoo, but if you want treats and to see a lot of animals you probably shouldn’t watch the shows as much…unless jugglers and magicians are more your thing…then go ahead.

So, here were some of our most important blogs of the month: