This has not been a good week.

I know everyone has good and bad weeks, but this one has been downright painful at times.

We’ve been passing around a cold for the last few weeks so that has tainted everything to begin with. Let’s go over the checklist:

  • Sick me
  • Sick Derek
  • Sick Keely
  • Keely’s 6-month appointment including shots
  • Dead car
  • Feverish baby
  • Lost wallet
  • Anxiety out the wazoo
  • Dog sitting issues
  • Dog peed in my bed, on my side at 12 am
  • Overtired baby who keeps being woken up by dogs
  • Dog throw up in the corner of our room
  • It hailed as I got home with Keely and we had to wait in the car for it to clear
  • Not being on the same page as Derek several times this week
  • Netflix went out (and we don’t have cable)

Most of these things have sorted themselves out – the wallet was found, the car jumped, and I think we’re starting to feel better – but I also don’t want to say how many of those have happened in the last 24 hours.

Today is definitely one of those days that you just want to create a blanket fort and hide from everything, but you can’t. It wears you down minute by minute until you feel so done with everything. The only way I’ve been able to get through this is by somehow remembering that it is all temporary. The baby will take a nap eventually. You can write a blog. And it all just gets better one by one.

In the time that I have written this blog, the sun has literally come out and all the little creatures (dogs and baby) have been snoozing peacefully. It’s getting better.