You probably saw Ryann’s post about “To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo,” it’s been a popular post. One of the things we were excited about when starting this blog was that we have such different perspectives. Our personalities and core values are very similar, but on just about everything else we have different perspectives. She’s a straight-laced music teacher and I’m a rebel-at-heart digital marketer. We have amazing conversations that are respectful and supportive.

So approach this blog as a sort of dialogue with Ryann’s post.

I am pro-tattoo. I’m so pro, that I have five of them. I got my first one at 18 years and one day because my birthday was on a Sunday and the shop was closed. I then got two more in the following six months. I waited a few years for the next and then got my most recent one about 20 months ago. I had a session scheduled when I found out I was pregnant.

Most of my friends have tattoos. And you know what? They have real adult careers and are completely responsible. They’re great parents and have their family’s best interest at heart. They should not be unfairly judged because of how they have opted to adorn their bodies.

In college, I did several photography sessions for school projects. You can see some of them here, here, and here.

I believe that people should be true to themselves. If someone really wants a tattoo then they should get one. If they have carefully considered what they want, placement, artist, and the long-term then there should be nothing stopping them. On the flip side, people shouldn’t be pressured into getting a tattoo. You have to have a good understanding of yourself.

Perhaps because I want to rebel against the stereotypical mom, but to me there is something incredibly beautiful about a tattooed mom taking care of her baby. I love all the beautiful pictures of moms with sleeves holding their tiny babies. It’s like wrapping them in beautiful artwork. Same goes for dads.

Subsequent posts will talk about my tattoos and some things you should consider if you debating a tattoo. All of my tend to go around the similar theme of eternity and I do not regret any of them.

If you’re thinking about a tattoo and want an objective person, I’m all ears (or eyes since this is probably a digital connection). I can help you consider placement, subject matter, and things to look for when selecting an artist.

Do you have awesome ink? I’d absolutely love to see it. Post in the comments or direct message me on Instagram: @bridgyxpotato.