In many areas of my life I tend to be a perfectionist. I like things perfect. I want to be perfect. I want to do everything perfectly.

I realize this is an unattainable goal, and I have gotten much better about letting things slide and not worrying so much. But with Vincent, I want to be a perfect mom. “Perfect mom” might as well be an oxymoron, but when you’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I have, you want to do the best job you absolutely can.

Now, I’ve been lucky. Vinny was born in April, and I’m a teacher, so I’ve been able to be off work and stay home with him all summer long. I LOVE my time spent with my son. There is nothing better. He’s growing and learning new things everyday, and I’m afraid to miss even a single moment. I just want to stare at him all day long and notice every, single, little thing about him. And while all of this is well and good, it’s not always feasible. And it’s easy to get stressed. And, in my case, stress leads to anxiety, which leads to breaking down.

A break doesn’t even have to be time away from the baby (although I’m learning those are also necessary) but a break could be something as simple as taking a long shower, spending time putting make up on, doing your nails (Jamberry anyone? It’s a must for new moms who will need to pick up their babies before their nails are dry…check out my website: Ok, promotion over, but seriously, utilize the other people around you – your spouse, family, friends, etc. Allow them time with the baby. You’re really killing two birds with one stone here – who doesn’t want to snuggle and hold your adorable baby, and it gives you some time to do a little something for yourself.

Because if you don’t take these little, daily breaks and you wait until you REALLY need a break… Well, if you’re anything like me, it won’t be pretty. Then you’re useless to your kids, husband, family, everyone.

My goal is to find the happy medium between getting my me time, family time, husband time, friends time, etc. Maybe that’s also an unattainable goal, but if I’m striving for it, then at least I’m heading in the right direction to a happier me! And let’s face it, the saying is true – if Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy!