Or how Keely ended up back in her bassinet.

I know there is no such thing as sleep regression in babies…one of my favorite podcasts, One Bad Mother, had an expert on that confirmed this, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel like it’s a regression. Keely’s regression isn’t about sleeping less through the night, but about where she sleeps. We’ve been lucky, she started sleeping pretty much through the night around six weeks. The problem comes in when it comes to where she sleeps.

Let’s be real, the problem is my expectation of where she sleeps. She’s just about 20 weeks and I really thought she would be in her crib by now. And we’ve had a night or two here or there where she is in her crib, but nothing consistent. She just loves her bassinet. It’s cozy. It rocks. It’s inclined.

Her crib is big. Stationary. Definitely not inclined.

At her four month appointment the pediatrician suggested we start working towards getting her out of the swaddle since she moves a lot and is likely to roll over soon. She said it might be easier for her to not be swaddled if she was in the bassinet where she feels comfortable.

So back into the bassinet she went. Since August 8 she’s only slept in a swaddle one night. And that one night was because she was so fussy and hadn’t slept all day. I think I can safely say that she has broken the swaddle except in extreme situations.

Now just to get her into her crib. Wish us luck!